How To Get Romanian Citizenship

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How To Get Romanian Citizenship
How To Get Romanian Citizenship

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Romanian citizenship has never been particularly attractive, and the number of immigrants in this country is still small. But the country's accession to the European Union allowed all holders of the Romanian passport to work, live and move freely throughout the European Union. And although Romania is most often viewed as a transit country, whose citizenship opens doors to other countries, the number of those wishing to immigrate to Romania is growing every year.

How to get Romanian citizenship
How to get Romanian citizenship

It is necessary

  • - application for the adoption of citizenship;
  • - copy of the passport;
  • - a copy of the birth certificate;
  • - certificate of good conduct;
  • - photos.


Step 1

Submit an application to the embassy for the adoption of Romanian citizenship if you have been legally residing in Romania for the last 5 years (for the spouses of a Romanian citizen - 3 years) and speak Romanian. Attach the required package of documents (a copy of your passport, marriage certificate and spouse's documents, a police clearance certificate from Romania and your country, a copy of your work record book, a copy of your military ID). Check with the embassy for a complete list of documents.

Step 2

The recently adopted law made it possible for residents of Moldova and partly Ukraine to obtain citizenship. Citizens who lived on the territory of Moldova before 1940, as well as their descendants - children and grandchildren, are given the opportunity to obtain (in fact, restore) Romanian citizenship in a fairly short time without having to pass an exam on knowledge of the Romanian language. In this case, you must apply to the nearest Romanian embassy with an application (filled in in Romanian) for submission of documents. The application contains the full name, home address, date and place of birth. Send your application by mail or personally hand it over to the embassy. As soon as you receive an answer (it may take several months or several years) with an invitation to the embassy, ​​you need to collect all the documents. Passport, police clearance certificates, birth certificates, marriage certificates. A statement that you do not intend to threaten the national security of Romania, documents of relatives who were citizens of Romania before 1940 or were born on its territory at that time. If the relatives have already died, it is necessary to go to Romania and collect all possible documents (extracts from archives, church books about baptism, etc.). A big problem is often the different spelling of names and surnames (in Russian, Romanian, Moldovan). Seek help from a qualified law firm who can help establish the relationship through a court of law. Once you submit all the documents, they will be reviewed within 5 months. If the issue is positive, you will be invited to take the oath, where you will be presented with a Romanian passport.

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