How To Donate A Company

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How To Donate A Company
How To Donate A Company

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"Firm" is the trade name of the brand, which is entered in the register during the registration of one or more founders and is the property of one citizen or group of persons. You cannot donate a company, you can donate the entire business, or a part of it, and register a corporate brand for the person being done.

How to donate a company
How to donate a company

It is necessary

  • - passport of the donor and the donee;
  • - business documents;
  • - notarial permission of all founders (spouses);
  • - notarial donation agreement;
  • - making changes to the register.


Step 1

To donate an entire business, contact a notary office. According to the Civil Code (Article 572), the property of legal entities can be alienated, sold, and donated only under a notarial agreement.

Step 2

Show your passport, the donee's passport to the notary. The donor and the donee are required to be present in person, since the donation is a voluntary transaction. The giver has the right to voluntarily decide to make a gift, and the donee has the right to accept or refuse it.

Step 3

Also present an extract from the state register; cadastral extract from the property passport; a copy of the plan of all premises; a certificate of cadastral value, which you can get from the BTI; a certificate of market value issued by a licensed company of independent expert appraisal agencies.

Step 4

If you donate a business for which you have the entire package of constituent shares and at the same time are in a registered marriage, then your spouse must give notarial permission for the transaction (article 256 of the Civil Code and article 34 of the IC RF).

Step 5

After completing the contract, contact the Federal Office of the State Registration Center, register the property rights to the donee.

Step 6

With a donation agreement, a certificate of ownership, contact the tax office to change the account in the unified register to the donee.

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