How To Write A Resume About Your Company

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How To Write A Resume About Your Company
How To Write A Resume About Your Company
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The resume of the company is the most important document, a kind of business card of the company, according to which business partners will form an initial opinion. If you were assigned to work on your resume, this means that you are in good standing with your superiors, and the credit of trust in you is high.

How to write a resume about your company
How to write a resume about your company


Step 1

Discuss with the head of the firm or other official in charge of this issue how the resume should look in the finished form: how it should be in length, what aspects should attract special attention, will there be illustrations, etc. Adjust the plan below, taking into account the wishes of the management.

Step 2

Write down the full name of the firm and its brief history.

Step 3

Indicate in which industry the firm operates, what is the essence of the activity. Describe the products manufactured by the company, the services provided, the work performed. Outline the geography of sales.

Step 4

Provide information about the leader and employees holding the most significant positions. Add general information on the availability of specialists and their qualifications.

Step 5

Describe the current state of affairs of the company. Provide information about the market for the services provided / products / work performed. Identify the circle of potential customers. Name the main competitors and show the company's competitive advantages against their background. Provide quantitative indicators on the basis of which everyone can draw conclusions in favor of the organization.

Step 6

Describe the prospects for the development of the company and its projects. The development plan will look clear and convincing, in which each stage is correlated with a specific time period.

Step 7

Justify the financial feasibility of the firm. Reflect your financial needs and payback period.

Step 8

Complete your resume by providing complete contact information: postal address, website, email, phone, fax. If the organization is large, you should provide a list of contact details of specific officials in charge of different areas.

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