How To Donate A Car

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How To Donate A Car
How To Donate A Car

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Alienation of a car under a donation agreement, which is concluded in a notarial or simple written form, is one of the ways to acquire a vehicle. The law does not stipulate the obligatory notarization of the vehicle alienation agreement. But, nevertheless, notaries often certify such contracts, both in favor of strangers and in favor of relatives. To donate a car:

How to donate a car
How to donate a car


Step 1

Execute a car donation agreement at the Office of the Federal Registration Service. To do this, take there the contract itself, drawn up in triplicate, as well as documents confirming that you are the owner of the vehicle that you want to donate.

Step 2

You may need written permission from your spouse or parents to donate a vehicle.

Step 3

Be sure to submit receipts confirming the payment of the state duty to the Rosregistration body, as well as an application that is drawn up in the prescribed form at the registering authority.

Step 4

Remove the car from registration at the traffic police where the registration was made. To do this, you will need your passport and car documents.

Step 5

Sign a donation agreement with the person you want to donate your car to. It will not be superfluous to certify this agreement with a notary, and after that the new owner of your car must register it with the traffic police.

Step 6

Remember that according to clause 4 of the Rules for the registration of motor vehicles and trailers to them in the traffic police, in order to register the vehicle, together with the donation agreement, you must provide a passport for the car. The donation agreement enters into force from the moment of its signing. When drafting a gift agreement, neither you nor the other party has any continuing rights, claims or obligations regarding the gift item. For example, a person who received an item as a gift and incurred losses resulting from existing defects in the donated item will not be able to claim their compensation. After the donation contract is drawn up, the gifted person receives the ownership of the gift.

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