How To Get The Title Of Honored Worker

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How To Get The Title Of Honored Worker
How To Get The Title Of Honored Worker

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If you work for a long time in the same field, in one or several enterprises, if you have achieved great success in your work, received certificates of honor and other distinctions, you have every reason to be awarded the honorary title of Honored Worker. To whom is it assigned and how can I get it?

How to get the title of honored worker
How to get the title of honored worker


Step 1

First, make sure that you have worked in this field for at least fifteen years, including at least three years in the same organization. This is the minimum time required to obtain the title.

Step 2

Depending on what field you work in, prepare documents confirming your achievements. For example, an education and science worker needs to take a certificate that will list: academic title, position, direction of scientific work, experience and experience in the work of a teacher, the number of students you have trained (as well as how many of them became candidates of science), a list of scientific papers, diplomas, patents, grants, awards and more. Not all scientific works are indicated in the certificate, but only the most significant ones.

Step 3

Wherever you work, a candidate for the title of Honored Worker is nominated at a collective meeting. After discussion, the meeting decides to send a petition to the appropriate committee for the award of the honorary title.

Step 4

Send the documents to the right organization. In particular, if you are an employee of education and science, then a petition in your case will be considered by the Presidium of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences.

Step 5

Wait for the decision of the commission on the award of the title. It will be sent to the address indicated in the documents within about two months.

Step 6

The ceremonial presentation of documents on obtaining the title of Honored Worker and the badge takes place at collective meetings, scientific sessions and conferences, and if you are a cultural worker - at major festivals.

Step 7

If your candidacy was rejected for some reason, you can submit the next application no earlier than two years later.

The holder of the title of Honored Worker in any area is paid a cash allowance, a supplement to his pension or salary, as well as preferential vouchers for rest in sanatoriums and boarding houses.

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