How To Fill Out A Housing Survey Report

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How To Fill Out A Housing Survey Report
How To Fill Out A Housing Survey Report

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The activities of the state administration responsible for education today are aimed at strengthening work with children from disadvantaged families and their parents; to identify asocial factors in the early stages. For these and other purposes, class teachers are required to fill out an act of survey of housing conditions.

Who and when is involved in drawing up the act

Filling out the act of examining the living conditions of a minor is within the competence of a special pedagogical commission, which, if necessary, may include a teacher-psychologist, a social teacher, a school inspector and even a district district police officer.

The purpose of this act is not to “look into the refrigerator of a single family,” as some citizens once suggested, but to investigate the conditions in which a student lives and is brought up. The need for a direct visit arose from the time when the class teacher lost the opportunity to contact parents and guardians: very often they do not attend special meetings, do not respond to individual invitations, do not respond to entries in children's diaries.

Usually, the formed commission does not warn about a visit for the purpose of examination, stays at the child's place of residence in the evening, when the parents are at home, and draws up an act in their presence. If the family, being dysfunctional, prevents the completion of the act, the teachers have the right to contact the district precinct for help in resolving the issue.

Nuances of document design

The act of inspection of housing and living conditions is a ready-made form approved by regulatory enactments, but many administrative institutions make minor changes to it.

If a survey of the living conditions of first graders is carried out, it is necessary, in addition to general data on the quadrature, the number of residents and the availability of a student's workplace, to note the presence of toys, children's books, equipment for the child's sleeping place.

How the act of examination of the living conditions of a minor looks in general terms can be found here

When filling out this document, pay attention to the following points:

- where the child sleeps (does he have a separate bed, room);

- the condition and appearance of the child and parents at home;

- the presence of a corner in which the child prepares lessons, plays, rests;

- bathroom (hygienic condition, availability and inaccessibility of household chemicals for a younger student);

- the presence of animals in the house, the sanitary condition of their maintenance;

- the state of the exit from the room (it must be free, not cluttered);

- a set of food products for the child (age appropriate).

At the end of the document there must be a signature of one of the parents, all members of the commission, the director of the educational institution. The report is kept by the class teacher or the person who initiated the survey.

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