How To Get British Citizenship

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How To Get British Citizenship
How To Get British Citizenship

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Great Britain or officially the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland is a country with a rich culture and traditions, as well as with a favorable economic climate. Perhaps this is why many Russians and residents of other countries dream of emigrating to the UK and becoming full citizens of this European country. What needs to be done in order to obtain British citizenship?

How to get British citizenship
How to get British citizenship


Step 1

First of all, UK citizenship can be obtained by birth. A child born to a British citizen automatically acquires the citizenship of that country, regardless of how the parent acquired the citizenship. If the child was born to a British citizen in another country, then he also becomes a citizen by birth.

Step 2

The most common way for foreigners to obtain British citizenship is by naturalization. In order to become a full British citizen, you must have lived in the country for at least 5 years (absence for a period of less than 450 days is allowed), demonstrate good command of English (or Scottish / Welsh) and be of legal age. In addition, a candidate for UK citizenship must be of good behavior and have no mental health abnormalities. To successfully resolve the issue, you will also need to pass a special test for knowledge of life in the UK (persons over 65 are exempt from taking the test).

Step 3

In the event that you are married to a British citizen, the residency requirement is reduced from five to three years of continuous residence (with the right to be absent for 270 days) in a legally married country. The candidate must also pass a language proficiency test, an acquaintance with British life and show the intention to continue living in the country.

Step 4

The UK Citizenship Act does not impose any restrictions on dual citizenship. Thus, you do not have to give up the citizenship of another state in order to become a full citizen of the UK. British citizens are eligible to obtain a second citizenship of another country.

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