What Is State Property

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What Is State Property
What Is State Property

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State property is primarily a legal concept that implies certain objects, resources, or property belonging directly to the state.

What is state property
What is state property

What is property?

To understand what state property is, it is necessary to define the concept of property in general. From the point of view of economic science, property is mainly understood as the right to dispose, possess and use a certain object.

As a legal category, property is considered in terms of the subject of law and is divided, in turn, into state, municipal and private.

The basis of ownership in the Russian Federation is the right and the ability to own, dispose and use a thing or object to which the right of ownership applies.

State property

State property performs quite specific functions, acting as a guarantor of economic stability, while simultaneously solving some social functions.

The state, acting as the owner, extends its rights to the appropriation, use and disposal of various objects, at the same time, the state itself is legally the same subject of law as an ordinary private owner and his actions in relation to his property are considered generally accepted economic and legal regulations.

On the other hand, the state itself differs from the ordinary owner by its right to adopt legislative and regulatory acts, including those concerning state and other property.

There is also another important difference. The right to receive property in state jurisdiction may be such methods that are impossible for a private person, such as taxes, fees, duties, and in addition, requisition, confiscation or nationalization.

Privatization remains the only way to terminate the right of state ownership.

A bit of history

Initially, human society did not know property until a certain stage of its development. Only from the era of the inception of class society can we talk about the emergence of ownership of certain objects or objects. That is, it was the social stratification of society that laid the foundation for the emergence of private property and, at the same time, public property that subsequently became the basis of state property.

The original public property, as the state was built, began partly to belong to the state, and partly remained in the form of public or communal property.

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