How To Fill Out A Duplicate Work Book

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How To Fill Out A Duplicate Work Book
How To Fill Out A Duplicate Work Book

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The work record is the main document of the employee, confirming his work experience. Each employer is obliged to keep an employee's work book if he has worked at the enterprise for more than five days. A duplicate of a work book is issued in cases where the original is lost for any reason or has become unusable - torn, stained, burnt.

How to fill out a duplicate work book
How to fill out a duplicate work book


Step 1

A person whose book is lost or damaged must immediately apply for a duplicate work book to the administration at the last place of work. Not later than 15 days from the date of contact, the administration of the enterprise must issue the employee a new work book with the inscription "Duplicate". The inscription "Duplicate" is made in the upper right corner of the title page of the work book.

Step 2

In the duplicate of the work book, information is entered on the general and / or continuous work experience of the employee until the moment he entered the enterprise issuing the duplicate. This information must be confirmed by appropriate documents.

Step 3

The total experience is recorded in total. Only the number of years, months and days of work should be indicated. It is not necessary to decipher the names of organizations, employee positions and periods of work.

Step 4

After that, records are made about the general and continuous experience for separate periods. Column "2" should indicate the date of employment, in column "3" - the name of the enterprise, structural unit, position, profession with qualifications. Column "4" should indicate the name, date and number of the document on the basis of which the entry is made.

Step 5

In the event that there is not enough information in the documents on the basis of which entries are made in the duplicate, only the data that is in these documents are entered into the duplicate.

Step 6

Also, data on awards, incentives, which were entered in the work book at the last place of work, are entered.

Step 7

If any records in the damaged work book were canceled, and the employee applied for a duplicate, all records contained in the previous work book are transferred to the issued duplicate, with the exception of those records that were invalidated.

Step 8

The staff of the personnel department of the enterprise at the last place of work is engaged in the design and issuance of a duplicate of the work book.

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