How To Fill Out A New Work Book

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How To Fill Out A New Work Book
How To Fill Out A New Work Book

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For employers, including individual entrepreneurs, since 6.10.2006, the legislation is obliged to create new work books for specialists who have not worked anywhere before, performing their duties for more than five days. Blank booklets should be purchased from authorized distributors. It is necessary to make entries in them, guided by the rules of their maintenance.

How to fill out a new work book
How to fill out a new work book

It is necessary

  • - work book form;
  • - company seal;
  • - employee documents;
  • - documents of the organization;
  • - rules for keeping work books;
  • - Labor Code of the Russian Federation.


Step 1

When hiring an employee for a position, make sure that he did not have a work book previously. If the employee has one, but he is not going to present it to you for some reason, draw up an act about it. It should be signed by three witnesses. In this way, you will protect your rights and will not violate the law.

Step 2

When an employee gets a job, he must submit a package of documents to the employer. These include a passport, educational document. On the title page, write in the employee's personal data in accordance with the driver's license, passport, military ID (according to the law, it is allowed to use one of them). In accordance with a diploma, certificate or other educational document, indicate the status that the specialist received during his studies at an educational institution (secondary, higher, secondary specialized, secondary specialized). Enter the name of the profession, specialty that this employee acquired during his educational activities.

Step 3

Indicate the actual date of filling in the new work book for the employee. Certify the title page with the signature of the person responsible for maintaining, storing, accounting for work books, their forms, inserts, in the place for the stamp with the company seal so that the personal signature of the personnel officer can be readable. Ask the employee who gets the work book to sign in the space provided for this.

Step 4

The first and second columns of the spread of the work book are intended to fix the date of entry and its serial number. Indicate them. In the information about the job, the fact of hiring, transfer to another position, as well as dismissal, in which it is necessary to refer to the corresponding article of the Labor Code of the Russian Federation, should be entered. The third column also indicates the name of the enterprise, the name of the position and the structural unit where the specialist is admitted. In the grounds, it is necessary to write the date and number of the order for admission, dismissal, transfer. The record should be certified by the seal of the enterprise only upon dismissal, dismissal by transfer.

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