How To Fill Out A Work Book In Kazakhstan

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How To Fill Out A Work Book In Kazakhstan
How To Fill Out A Work Book In Kazakhstan

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The form and rules for maintaining and storing work books in the Republic of Kazakhstan are regulated by order No. 75-p dated April 18, 2005 and is mandatory for all employers who have labor relations with employees. How to correctly fill out a work book in a given country?

How to fill out a work book in Kazakhstan
How to fill out a work book in Kazakhstan


Step 1

Make entries in the work book on the basis of the Law "On languages ​​in the Republic of Kazakhstan". Records of the dates of signing the employment contract, termination, termination, transfer, encouragement and reward are entered in Arabic numerals. Enter the day and month in two digits and the year in four digits. The date must correspond to the act, order, instructions, etc. of the employer on actions in terms of labor relations with the employee.

Step 2

Write down information about the employee on the first page of the work book. Certify the record with the seal of the company, the signature of the employer and the employee. Surname, name, patronymic and date of birth are indicated in full on the basis of identity documents. Indicate the education, specialty and profession of the employee according to the supporting documents.

Step 3

Complete the Job Information section. In column 1, indicate the ordinal number of the record. In column 2, fill in the date of employment or other fact of employment. In column 3, mark the information about the work on the basis of the employment contract, the full name of the employer and the legal norm on the basis of which the labor action was performed. In column 4, indicate the reason for making the entry - the number of the employer's act and its date. The record of the employee's position is indicated in accordance with the current staffing table of the enterprise.

Step 4

Fill out the section "Information on awards and incentives" if the employee received a state award of the Republic of Kazakhstan, an honorary title, incentive for success in work. Incentives are applied by the employer to employees on the basis of the Labor Law and are determined by the employment contract and the act of the enterprise.

Step 5

Do not allow the crossing out of previously entered entries in the sections of the work book. Correction of an incorrect or inaccurate entry is carried out by employers through a corresponding additional entry.

Step 6

Certify all entries in the work book with the seal and signature of the employer. Keep the books at the enterprise during the term of the employment agreement. Return the work book to the employee on the day of dismissal with the appropriate entry in the register of the HR department.

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