How To Write A Quality Claim

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How To Write A Quality Claim
How To Write A Quality Claim

By purchasing a low-quality product or receiving a service of inadequate quality, you have a legally guaranteed right to appeal and eliminate defects that disappoint you. It is best in such cases to contact the manufacturer in writing.

How to write a quality claim
How to write a quality claim


Step 1

Write in the upper right corner of the page the name of the organization, position, surname and initials of the head - the addressee of your claim.

Step 2

Under the information about the addressee, write your data: surname and initials, postal address with zip code, telephone number for communication.

Step 3

In the center of the page, write the name of the letter “Claim”.

Step 4

Fill in the text of the claim. In the letter, indicate:

- what product or service you purchased / received, in what place and at what time;

- what was the price of the product / service;

- what documents can you provide as evidence of the purchase of goods / services of inadequate quality from this manufacturer (cash receipts, sales receipts, other documents of strict reporting, or testimony);

- what claims do you have for the product / service, what incidents were associated with inadequate quality (traffic accident, illness, poisoning, etc.);

- what documents do you have to confirm an incident related to a product / service of poor quality (certificates from the traffic police, extracts from the medical history, etc.);

- how do you assess the losses brought to you by the product / service of inadequate quality. It is best to provide mathematical calculations and calculations.

- whether you have previously addressed this claim to the supplier of goods / services orally.

Step 5

Write down which way out of this situation you see as the most acceptable for you:

- full refund of the cost of goods / services;

- price reduction;

- free repair or defect elimination;

- replacement of goods / services with similar ones of your choice.

Step 6

Set a period for consideration of your claim by the supplier of the product / service. Usually, one month is enough to consider a complaint and compose a response.

Step 7

Attach all required documents or copies to your claim.

Step 8

Sign the application by indicating at the end of the document your surname and initials, date and signature.

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