How To Write A Claim

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How To Write A Claim
How To Write A Claim

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If you endure inconvenience, if you have been sold a low-quality product or contractors are delaying the delivery of work, if your neighbors do not allow you to use servitude (limited right to use someone else's thing in land relations), you can always make an effort to solve the problem on your own and effectively. You can simply and clearly explain your rights and call your opponent to fulfill his obligations, while you will not spend money on a professional lawyer and will feel more confident in front of any offender.

how to write a claim
how to write a claim

It is necessary

All documents available on the case (checks, contracts, warranty coupons)


Step 1

In the center of the sheet, write the word "Claim" in large, bold type. Skip a few lines, then indicate the date, the event that led you to the current situation, write what you did on your part to fulfill the conditions of the event that came true, then write what your opponent should have done, but for reasons you know or don't know deigned to fulfill their obligations properly, or evaded their fulfillment.

Step 2

Then remind in bold and large print that, in accordance with Art. Art. 309, 310 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation, obligations must be performed properly in accordance with the terms of the obligation and the requirements of the law, unilateral refusal to fulfill the obligation and unilateral change in its conditions are not allowed.

Step 3

After that, give a reasonable time for your opponent to voluntarily correct the situation, ask him to take the necessary actions before a certain date and finally indicate that otherwise you will have to go to court to protect your violated rights, which may entail additional costs for your abuser. Your firm signature and date should then follow.

Step 4

Make two copies of your letter of complaint and hand one against signature to the addressee, or send it by mail with notification in case of silence of your abuser. A notice or a second copy with a signature will be a confirmation for you that you tried to solve the problem without the intervention of state authorities, because when you go to court, the first thing you will be asked is: "Have you ever tried to solve the whole problem without a trial?"

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