How To Write A Claim For A Poorly Performed Service

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How To Write A Claim For A Poorly Performed Service
How To Write A Claim For A Poorly Performed Service

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A claim for a poorly rendered service is made in writing, sent by the consumer to the direct performer of the service. The claim sets out the circumstances under which the service was rendered, the requirements of the consumer are stated.

How to write a claim for a poorly performed service
How to write a claim for a poorly performed service

Poor provision of services in any area is the basis for claims from consumers. Customers of such services often do not know what exactly to indicate in a claim, what to demand from an unscrupulous contractor. When writing a claim, one should be guided by the provisions of the Law "On Protection of Consumer Rights", which determines the range of possible consumer requirements, the cases of application of each of them. It is also important to keep for yourself the evidence confirming the direction of the claim to the service provider, since only a small proportion of disputes involving consumers are resolved in the claim procedure, and these documents will be required for the court.

What to indicate in a claim for a poorly performed service?

The claim must be submitted to the address of the service provider, which is indicated at the top of the letter itself. Immediately after it, the personal data of the consumer is indicated, after which the essence of the requirements for the contractor is stated. When describing the actual circumstances, it is important to refer to specific documents that formalized the relationship between the customer and the contractor, and confirmed the payment for the service by the consumer.

These documents are usually contracts, acts, receipts, payment orders, cashier's checks, receipts. After describing the actual circumstances, you should briefly state the regulatory basis for the claimed claims. For this, it is recommended to use the provisions of civil legislation, and, if necessary, the norms of the Law "On Protection of Consumer Rights".

What are the requirements for a claim?

In the final part of the claim, the consumer lists the specific requirements for the service provider. Many customers do not understand exactly what requirements can be made in case of poor-quality work. So, it is possible to speak of a full refund of funds only if, as a result of the work or service, significant shortcomings are revealed. In other cases, the consumer can choose among the following options: elimination of all deficiencies by the contractor without any additional payment, reduction in the cost of the service, taking into account the identified problems, secondary provision of the service without additional payment, payment by the contractor of the costs incurred by the customer to eliminate the deficiencies. After listing the requirements, the consumer should put his own signature under the claim, hand it over to the contractor against signature, or send it by registered mail with the obligatory preservation of the postal receipt and notification.

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