How To Write A Service Characteristic

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How To Write A Service Characteristic
How To Write A Service Characteristic

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A service characteristic is an internal document. It may be required in case of certification, promotion or before issuing an order for violation of labor discipline. It can affect the severity of the punishment or confirm the high work skills of the employee and become a reason for promotion.

How to write a service characteristic
How to write a service characteristic


Step 1

The service description is written by the immediate supervisor of the employee. It consists of four parts: headline, questionnaire, main and reflecting personal qualities. If you received the writing of such a characteristic, then contact the HR department and request basic personal information.

Step 2

Take a sheet of standard A4 writing paper and write the title on top. Follow the sheet, indicate the word "Characteristics" and the surname, name and patronymic of the employee, the position he currently holds.

Step 3

In the questionnaire part, indicate the basic information of a personal nature: place and year of birth, completed educational institutions. Indicate the year of graduation and the specialties received during training. List the main milestones of the work biography - the organizations in which the person worked and the positions held at the same time, the terms.

Step 4

In the main part, talk about the employee's work in your organization. List the positions that he held at different times, the responsibilities that were entrusted to him. Reflect his attitude to work - refresher courses he has completed, participation in conferences and seminars, scientific works and publications. List the incentives he received during his time in the organization. Note his personal contribution to the activities that the company is engaged in, projects that have been carried out with his participation.

Step 5

Tell us about his personal qualities that help or hinder the person in the line of duty. Note his conscientiousness, creative approach to assignments, timeliness and accuracy of their implementation. Or, on the contrary, reflect in the description the optionality, non-punctuality, fear of the new. As a direct boss, you, like no one else, will be able to objectively characterize this employee and his working qualities.

Step 6

In the description, also reflect the relationship with the team - benevolence, willingness to help or quarrelsome nature, a tendency to squabbles.

Step 7

The service description is signed by the immediate superior, the head of the unit and must be endorsed in the personnel department.

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