How To Draw Up A Production Characteristic

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How To Draw Up A Production Characteristic
How To Draw Up A Production Characteristic

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The production characteristic refers to internal documents. It may be required to certify an employee, in the event of a promotion, or before deciding what disciplinary action to take. As a rule, it is drawn up by the immediate superior, as a person who can evaluate his employee with the greatest degree of objectivity.

How to draw up a production characteristic
How to draw up a production characteristic


Step 1

The production characteristic is drawn up in any form, but, usually, it consists of four parts: a title, personal data, information about the work and personal qualities of the employee. Like all business papers, arrange it in accordance with GOST R 6.30-2003 "Requirements for paperwork." If necessary, ask the HR department for all available personal information on this employee.

Step 2

Write the characteristic on a standard A4 sheet of writing paper. Since the production characteristic is an internal document, a blank is not required to write it. In the middle of the sheet, write the word "Characteristics" and indicate the full surname, name, patronymic and position occupied by the employee.

Step 3

In the questionnaire part, give basic information about the employee - year and place of birth, list the educational institutions that he graduated from. At the same time, indicate in what year and with the assignment of which specialty this happened. In the same section, tell us about his career path - indicate the main places of his work and positions in which he worked for a long time.

Step 4

Start the main part of the production characteristics by indicating the date when the employee started working at your company, list the positions he held, indicate in what period of time it was. Tell us what refresher courses were completed by the employee during this time, what additional education he received. Reflect his participation in symposia and conferences, consulting activities, available publications.

Step 5

In the main part, tell us about the projects in the development of which he took part, about the contribution that he made. Describe what his job responsibilities are and how he copes with them. Tell us about the incentives and awards that the employee received as a result of his work. Describe the qualities of character that help him achieve high performance or hinder him in his work: perseverance, creativity, accuracy and timeliness of assignments or inattention, haste, fear of decision-making.

Step 6

Tell us about other qualities that characterize him as a member of the work collective: benevolence, willingness to help. Note how much authority he has. Indicate those qualities that may interfere with the establishment of his good relations with colleagues: nervousness, failure to fulfill promises, quarrelsomeness.

Step 7

The characteristic should be signed by the immediate supervisor, the head of the department and endorsed by the head of the personnel department.

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