How To Write A Characteristic, Sample

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How To Write A Characteristic, Sample
How To Write A Characteristic, Sample

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A characteristic for an employee is an official document in which the manager writes a review about the official, as well as about the social activities of the employee. The characteristic is a description of the employee's career development, his business and moral qualities.

Sample characteristics
Sample characteristics

It is necessary

Official letterhead, stamp


Step 1

When compiling a characteristic, it is necessary to be guided by the rules for processing ordinary business documents. A letterhead and round stamp are required for the correct design of the specification. The compilation of the characteristics is usually entrusted to the representative of the administration or to the immediate supervisor of the employee.

In the first part of the characteristics, it is necessary to indicate the surname, name and patronymic of the employee, his date of birth, position held, as well as education. The placement of the first part of the characteristic is permissible in the center of the sheet or in the upper right corner. In the latter case, the personal data is formed in the form of a column. In addition, in the first part of the characteristics, it is necessary to indicate the outgoing number assigned to this document during registration.

Step 2

The second part of the characteristics indicates the name of the firm or company, as well as the scope of its activity. Then the position occupied by the employee, the period of work in this place and the functions included in the employee's job responsibilities are indicated. When compiling a description to third-party organizations, career growth is indicated with a listing of all positions held.

Step 3

In the third part of the characteristic, an objective assessment of both personal and business qualities of an employee is given. An employee is assessed according to the following criteria:

• Competence in the professional field.

• Efficiency.

• Business qualities (relevant for executives)

• Work ethics and psychological qualities

This also includes information about the incentives received by the employee during work, and about penalties, if any. A separate sub-item can describe the employee's relationship with the team.

Step 4

In the final part of the characteristics, the purposes for which the document was formed, as well as the name of the organization for which the document was intended, are indicated. In addition, the date of the preparation of the document is indicated and the signature of the applicant, certified by the seal of the institution, is put.

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