How To Write A Sample Review

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How To Write A Sample Review
How To Write A Sample Review
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Any scientific work needs a review. A review is actually an assessment of your work, containing a brief analysis of the scientific work and the degree of compliance with the requirements for it. The review describes the merits and demerits of the diploma and gives a specific or generalized assessment (for example: the work deserves a high positive assessment).

How to write a sample review
How to write a sample review

It is necessary

  • - data about the author of the work;
  • - her assessment;
  • - Full name and signature of the reviewer;
  • - printing.


Step 1

Typically, a review is written by heads of enterprises, heads of structural divisions and other interested persons, on the materials of which you prepared your scientific work. They are peer reviewers (do not confuse their feedback with that of your supervisor).

Step 2

Please note that the structure of the review should contain the name of the author and the topic of the thesis, the degree of relevance of the topic described for a specific field of activity, the level of scientific presentation of theoretical provisions, the depth of analysis of practical materials, the reasoning of the conclusions made, the practical significance of the recommendations put forward in the thesis, the ability to use professional terminology, the general advantages and disadvantages of the work. And in conclusion, the assessment of the work by the reviewer, his data (full name and position). At the end, certify the review with the signature of the reviewer and the seal of the organization.

Step 3

Use a standard thesis review structure. The review usually takes 1-2 pages of A4 standard.

Review sample (content points):

- "Review";

- for thesis (full name of the author);

- on the topic: Marketing research;

- by example (company name);

- "The topic of this thesis is currently very relevant, in view of the great importance of effective marketing research for the further development of the enterprise in a market economy";

- “The thesis demonstrates a deep comprehensive approach to the analysis of marketing research of our company. The author deeply studied the theoretical foundations of marketing, giving priority attention to marketing research and revealing the mechanism of their formation. Having studied the primary materials provided by the enterprise, the author was able to summarize them by analyzing the results of financial and economic activities with the effectiveness of the marketing department of the enterprise. The subject of a special study was the structure of the company's product portfolio”;

- “Proposals for improving marketing research deserve attention and will be taken into account by the management for the further development of the enterprise. Some of the proposed measures have already been tested in the marketing department and have shown their practical significance”;

- “The work was done in a professional language, competently and logically. The author demonstrated his mastery of the methods of economic and marketing analysis, made the necessary mathematical calculations. The work contains appendices and is well illustrated”;

- “Lack of work - lack of references to the marketing research practice of other domestic distribution companies”;

- “In our opinion, the thesis (author's name) deserves a high positive assessment”;

- Reviewer (name and title of reviewer). Signature.

- Seal of the organization.

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