How To Write A Review Review

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How To Write A Review Review
How To Write A Review Review

Video: How To Write A Review Review

Video: How To Write A Review Review
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In higher educational institutions, mandatory documents for the delivery of a qualifying work are a review and recall. The review is drawn up by an independent expert who assesses the relevance, practical application of the specialist's work. The review is written by the scientific director of the educational institution and expresses his objective assessment of the project.

How to write a review review
How to write a review review

It is necessary

A4 paper, student documents, graduate thesis, project manager's documents, reviewer's document, organization and educational institution stamps, pen


Step 1

When writing a review, an independent expert indicates the name of the document in the middle of an A4 sheet. Enter the topic of the qualification work, last name, first name, patronymic of the employee of the enterprise carrying out advanced training, in accordance with the identity document.

Step 2

The first point of the review is to describe the relevance and novelty of this specialist's work. As the second point, write out a brief outline of the project, indicate the number of sections of the qualification work, the name of each of them. Write down how much the citizen covered the selected topic. Give your assessment on the completeness of the specified information.

Step 3

The third point usually contains the positive aspects of the qualification project. Indicate how this work differs from previously written systems developed by other specialists. Highlight them in a separate paragraph.

Step 4

Since an employee writes any qualification project so that it can be introduced into production in the future, the expert highlights the practical significance of this work in the fourth paragraph. Describe the possibility of using the developed system at a specific enterprise, recommendations for implementing the project in a particular industry.

Step 5

The fifth paragraph should contain the shortcomings of qualifying work. It is a required section. Indicate what factors the specialist did not take into account in the process of writing the project. But try to objectively evaluate the developed system. The flaws should be insignificant, in general, not to spoil the overall impression of the project of a given citizen.

Step 6

Give the qualification project a grade that matches a grade higher than the system design actually deserves.

Step 7

Indicate your position, last name, first name, patronymic, put a personal signature and affirm the seal of the organization.

Step 8

The review is drawn up by the supervisor of the specialist when writing the qualification project. An objective assessment of each of the sections and of the entire work as a whole occurs by analogy with a review. The only difference is that positive, negative qualities, practical significance are described from the point of view of another person.

Step 9

The review is signed by the head of the final work with an indication of the position held, surname, initials.

Step 10

In each of the documents, at the end, it is prescribed that this citizen deserves a qualification, the name of the profession, specialty of the employee who is improving his qualifications is indicated.