How To Write A Review For A Colleague

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How To Write A Review For A Colleague
How To Write A Review For A Colleague

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When faced with the need to write a testimonial to a colleague, many are confused. In fact, without working in the personnel department and not being responsible for issuing such certificates, that is, without having experience in issuing them, this is not easy to do. The document may be needed for the next certification or a former colleague asks to write for the future employer. Such situations are becoming more common. Therefore, it is worth knowing in advance the rules for paperwork.

How to write a review for a colleague
How to write a review for a colleague


Step 1

Please note that your feedback is just a form of a performance characteristic. Moreover, there is no regulation for filling it out. You can compose the document in simple writing or type on the computer. Of course, the latter is preferable, since it frees its recipients from the need to parse the peculiarities of your handwriting. Therefore, insert standard paper into the printer and start typing on the computer by centering the title “Specification”.

Step 2

Start the main text with the surname, name and patronymic of the colleague you are characterizing. Next, write the position he occupies, the date he was hired, the date of the transfer (if any) and the reasons for it. Provide the level of education, qualifications of the employee. Here it would be appropriate to say about the available academic degrees and titles. List his job responsibilities and start describing his professional and personal qualities.

Step 3

Write what you think about his attitude to work discipline, leadership skills, organizing the work process, etc. Give the number of his subordinates or, on the contrary, indicate his mentor. Describe the form and style of their relationship (sociability, politeness, diligence, etc.), cooperation. Report the attitude of colleagues (respected, authoritative, untrustworthy, etc.).

Step 4

Next, describe his ability to learn and acquire new knowledge, skills, and the ability to apply them. Periods of advanced training, specialized internship, etc. Indicate the available incentives (bonuses, promotions), reprimands (reprimands, remarks). Be sure to justify their use, describe the reasons.

Step 5

Place an emphasis in the characteristics on the business qualities necessary for this particular job. It can be attentive and punctual, or creativity and innovation. Note the high ability to work and a conscientious attitude to work. Sign the review with your own surname and initials, title.

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