How To Write A Resume For A Job Based On A Sample

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How To Write A Resume For A Job Based On A Sample
How To Write A Resume For A Job Based On A Sample

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Nowadays, more and more people are striving to get a well-paid position. That is why it is important to correctly draw up a resume for a job, a sample of which can be found on several Internet resources or draw up a document yourself.

You can compose a resume for a job according to the sample
You can compose a resume for a job according to the sample


Step 1

Register on one of the specialized sites to create a resume for a job based on the sample. These resources - HH, Superjob, Rabota and others, the links to which you will find below - are used to find work throughout Russia. Even if you are not going to search through them for free vacancies on the Internet, these sites have an electronic form for creating a resume. Just fill in the fields provided with information about yourself, after which the site will offer you to save the document in one of the convenient formats. You can use it to interact with employers on sites or print it and take it with you to interviews.

Step 2

Pay attention to the correct sequence of writing a resume for a job, a sample of which will be in front of you. First, indicate the full name, surname and patronymic, then - the city of residence, contact phone number and e-mail address, if any. If you wish, place the name of the desired position below to simplify the process of considering the document by the employer if he has several vacancies open at once.

Step 3

Add information about your education: secondary, specialized secondary, incomplete higher or higher, etc. Do not forget to include information about all specialized institutions where you studied and whose diploma you have on hand. The records should also include years of study and the name of the specialty. Below you can place data on institutions of additional education or professional development. Remember that the more information the employer receives, the better your chances of getting the desired position will be.

Step 4

Fill out the resume section about work experience. Here, too, it is necessary to note the time intervals during which you worked in a particular position, indicating its name. Also, include a box to describe what you have done in previous jobs. Even if there is no official work experience, it is best not to leave this section blank. Check here any informal or other part-time jobs you had, such as a cleaner, counselor, or salesman during school or student holidays. Subsequently, you can tell the employer in more detail about this.

Step 5

It is impossible to write a resume for a job without a section like Skills. Indicate those of your skills that are most suitable for the desired position, for example, "spoken English", "knowledge of office programs", "high speed information processing", etc. This is followed by a section of personal qualities, which should also be suitable, for example, "quick learning", "high stress resistance", "diligence", etc. Finish your resume by listing your hobbies and interests (preferably reading literature and sports).

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