How To Write A Sample Cover Letter

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How To Write A Sample Cover Letter
How To Write A Sample Cover Letter

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A cover letter is a type of business document that is used as an attachment to a completed resume. It allows the head of the organization to get a more complete picture of the abilities, work experience, business qualities, opportunities and prospects of his applicant. A laconically written letter increases the chances of becoming the main contender for the declared position, and subsequently getting the desired job.

How to write a sample cover letter
How to write a sample cover letter

It is necessary

  • - a computer;
  • - laser printer (preferably);
  • - a sheet of A4 paper.


Step 1

After carefully reviewing the vacancy and deciding to apply for consideration of your candidacy as a worthy applicant, make a phone call to the company, specifying and writing down the position, as well as the last name, first name, patronymic of the employee or head of the organization to whom the letter will be addressed. Find out about the deadlines for submitting documents for the vacancy declared by the employer.

Step 2

Before writing a letter, consider its content by carefully studying the requirements for a job seeker for the position. Describe mentally the previous work experience, based on the acquired knowledge and skills. For writing a letter, the Word text editor is best suited, which allows you not only to beautifully, but also competently draw up a document, making a pleasant impression on the employer.

Step 3

In the upper right part of the sheet, indicate the name of the organization, as well as the position of the employee or manager, depending on who it is intended for. Start writing the text with a greeting, mentioning the name, patronymic of the person to whom the cover letter is addressed.

Step 4

In the first paragraph of the document, inform about the source of information from which it became known about the vacant position. In a few sentences, state the purpose of the letter concisely and clearly, using phrases and expressions that sound convincing and will help interest the employer.

Step 5

Fill in the central part of the cover letter with a listing of the knowledge and skills acquired earlier, and also refer to work experience. This paragraph should not be overloaded with too much information. Expand your inherent business qualities as much as possible, necessary to solve the tasks set by the employer.

Step 6

Give reasons for your desire and interest to become an employee of the organization, who is ready, if necessary, to make efforts for the quality performance of their duties. In a short form, communicate your awareness of the company's activities and development. Mention consent to be interviewed. This will serve as an additional plus when choosing your candidacy.

Step 7

At the end of the cover letter, be sure to include your last name, first name, patronymic, sign, and also leave contact information, including your phone number and email address. Use final, unambiguous phrases that reveal respect and a sincere desire for long-term cooperation addressed to the employer.

Step 8

Carefully, slowly check your cover letter for grammatical errors. Read it aloud several times to understand that everything written sounds competent, beautiful, intelligible and does not contain unnecessary information.

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