How To Write A Cover Letter For A Resume

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How To Write A Cover Letter For A Resume
How To Write A Cover Letter For A Resume

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Many of us find it difficult to write a cover letter for a resume. On the one hand, it should not repeat the resume, on the other hand, the most important information must be indicated in it. In addition, the cover letter should include information that is important to the employer, but does not fit into the resume.

How to write a cover letter for a resume
How to write a cover letter for a resume


Step 1

Today, a cover letter is a must-have part of a resume. Ideally, it should be such that the employer wants to contact you as quickly as possible, without even reading your resume. Sometimes this is exactly what happens, as HR managers conduct an initial screening based on cover letters, weeding out unsuitable candidates and calling back suitable ones immediately after reading the cover letters.

Step 2

In the cover letter, it is important to contact a specific person - the HR manager of the company to which you are sending your resume, or at least to the company itself, if a specific person to whom you can contact is not indicated in the vacancy. That is, the cover letter must begin with the words "Dear Mary" or "Dear Fork and Spoon Company."

Step 3

It is worth informing how you learned about the vacancy (unless you send your resume directly from the job search site) and go to the designation of the position for which you are applying, and a description of your professional skills, experience and achievements that, in your opinion, could would be needed at this position. Employers like it when a candidate has information about their company and writes that he wants to work for them. However, it is worth expressing your desire with restraint, flattery can scare away. Also, one should not demonstrate excessive ambition in the cover letter, for example, it is better for a candidate for the position of legal assistant not to write that he plans to join the company's board of directors in two years. It is better to emphasize that the tasks described in the vacancy are very interesting for you, and that you are ready to successfully solve them.

Step 4

It is not worth describing your professional path for too long. In principle, there should be 2-3 paragraphs in a cover letter, no more. It's good to write a couple of sentences about your personal qualities. Here it is better to show individuality and not write the standard "workable, stress-resistant". Think about it - what really helps you in your work?

Step 5

Do not forget to leave your phone number and e-mail at the end of the letter. You can end the letter with a phrase that you can more fully tell about yourself at the interview.

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