How To Apply For A Travel Agency

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How To Apply For A Travel Agency
How To Apply For A Travel Agency

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Working in the field of tourism is an exciting and creative activity that requires versatile knowledge and high professional training. Successful activity in this area requires communication skills, responsibility, knowledge of foreign languages ​​and appropriate education.

How to apply for a travel agency
How to apply for a travel agency


  • - Internet access;
  • - telephone;
  • - photo 3x4cm;
  • - summary;
  • - reference materials (on geography, records management, etc.).


Step 1

To get a job as a travel agent, research the entire job market. Check out vacancies in newspapers, on message boards and on specialized sites (for example,,,, etc.).

Step 2

Call the phones listed in the ads that interest you. Keep a planner and a pen with you to keep track of appointments.

Step 3

Often at the end of the interview, a potential employer utters a frightening phrase for unprepared applicants: "Leave your resume, we will contact you." To be fully prepared, prepare a detailed resume in advance and print it.

Step 4

This document must include name, date of birth, address, purpose (indicate what position you want to get), education, work experience, additional information, personal qualities.

Step 5

In order to get a job in a travel agency, pay special attention to filling out the last two points. Most of the job seekers have specialized education and some work experience. Various related skills, certificates of completion of advanced training courses, knowledge of foreign languages, etc. will help you stand out from the crowd.

Step 6

Take some standard 3x4cm photos and attach them to your resume. Considering all the candidates, the manager will look at the photo and immediately remember you and your positive qualities.

Step 7

Specify as much information about yourself as possible - if you do not pass the selection for one vacancy, then you may be offered an unexpectedly vacant place in a related specialization.

Step 8

Separately, it should be said about the preparation for the interview. Review basic geographic information (countries and capitals, main resort regions and their features). Recall in your memory the list of documents that the client must provide in order to issue a voucher. The employer can ask you any question, so be prepared to improvise.

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