How To Get A New Birth Certificate

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How To Get A New Birth Certificate
How To Get A New Birth Certificate

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The birth certificate is the main document of the child until the moment of receiving the passport. It is necessary when applying for a medical policy, in order to receive benefits and allowances, when registering a baby and his admission to kindergarten and school. If a document is lost or damaged, it is important to restore it as soon as possible.

How to get a new birth certificate
How to get a new birth certificate


Step 1

Contact the registry office where the lost / spoiled birth certificate was issued. Write an application for a duplicate. Remember that the child who has reached the age of majority, his parents (not deprived of parental rights), guardians / trustees and interested persons, acting under a notarized power of attorney from the parents or the adult child himself, have the right to receive a re-certification. In the application, indicate not only the personal data of the child and his parents, but also the reason why you need a new document.

Step 2

Pay the state fee according to the details indicated on the information stand in the registry office. A re-certificate will be issued immediately upon submission of the application and receipt of the payment of the fee.

Step 3

Write a letter to the registry office if the lost / damaged document was issued in another region, and you cannot get there personally. Indicate the details of the person whose document you need, your place of residence and the address of the nearest registry office, where it will be convenient for you to apply for a second certificate. The document will be sent by mail to the registry office you specified. The further procedure for obtaining a duplicate is no different from the one described above.

Step 4

Contact the archives of the Main Directorate of the Civil Registry Office of your region, if you do not know in which department of the Civil Registry Office of the city the birth certificate was issued. If there is a birth record there, you will be given a duplicate document. In the absence of such a record (for example, if it was destroyed during the war years or as a result of a fire), a new birth certificate can only be obtained through a judicial procedure. The fact of birth will be established on the basis of testimony and other available documents. Only after that, the court will order the registry office to draw up a new record of the birth certificate and issue you the appropriate document.

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