How To Win Over A Client

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How To Win Over A Client
How To Win Over A Client

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The ability to win over a client, to correctly build your own line of behavior is the key to successful sales of goods and services. To do this, it is necessary to inspire the client's trust and build a positive relationship with him. Trust is the basis for further communication. Having trusted you, the client is able to perceive your impact on himself: he will listen to you with interest, he will take your recommendations seriously.

Goodwill and a smile are your trump cards
Goodwill and a smile are your trump cards


Step 1

When you first meet a client, you need to make a good impression on him. Start with an acquaintance - introduce yourself and find out the name of your client. After calling the client by name, give him two subtle compliments. Do not forget to smile - your kindness will help to win over the client from the first minutes.

Step 2

Inform the client about how to work with him if your business is in the field of hairdressing. Even if the client has an idea of ​​the time it takes to dye his hair or cut, he will be pleased with your attentive attitude towards him.

Step 3

When providing cosmetology services, explain the sequence of procedures and their effectiveness. At the same time, the client's excessive anxiety will disappear, and you will win over a client who wants to use your services in the future.

Step 4

In the process of providing services and in order to further gain the client's favor, gently ask about his hobbies. As a rule, any person will be happy to chat with you on a topic that is pleasant for him.

Step 5

It is imperative that your client see that you are listening carefully. To reinforce this impression, use different affirmative interjections - "of course", "yes", "so".

Step 6

Be sure to remember the client's preferences. When he turns to you again, he will be pleased that you remember him.

Step 7

Never ignore your client's phone calls. Be attentive to his wishes. And the client will definitely come to you again. Remember that you will not be able to win over the client if you are in a bad mood, you are insecure, too categorical.

Step 8

At the end of providing the service to the client, sincerely thank him for contacting you. Tell him that you will be glad to see him in your salon.

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