How To Win A Customer

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How To Win A Customer
How To Win A Customer

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Some professions involve constant interaction with people. In addition to the necessary knowledge, skills and abilities in such work, it is necessary to have effective external data and communication skills. These qualities will help you make a good impression on the client and win him over.

How to win a customer
How to win a customer


Step 1

Don't let the client get bored. Try to logically ask questions that will lead him to the appropriate conclusion. They should not be abstruse, difficult to formulate. Let the prospect answer the questions you ask. If you want to achieve a positive result, then 95% of the time he should speak.

Step 2

Be aware of the events taking place in the client's life. To do this, find reliable information about his professional activity and company in advance. Try to emphasize in the conversation the positive results in his work. Nothing disposes a person like a conversation about his achievements.

Step 3

Make eye contact with the other person. Eye language is very important for self-awareness during a conversation, and is often a means of establishing contact. With the help of them, you can find out about the emotional state of the interlocutor, his character. If, in the course of the conversation, you look to the side or down, then the parterre may feel that he is being ignored.

Step 4

Dress presentably. Along with professional qualities, appearance plays an important role in winning the client. In the first minute of acquaintance, a potential client examines you and he develops a primary opinion about your social position, degree of sociability, views, professionalism. Carelessness and looseness in appearance, on the contrary, can lead to undesirable consequences.

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