How To Deal With A Customer Objection "We Already Have Suppliers"

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How To Deal With A Customer Objection "We Already Have Suppliers"
How To Deal With A Customer Objection "We Already Have Suppliers"

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Offers and sales of company products are not complete without handling customer objections. There are several objection-handling techniques that can help the seller establish contact with a potential buyer and convince him of the value of the proposed product.

Dealing with objections increases the professionalism of the seller
Dealing with objections increases the professionalism of the seller

Dealing with customer objections as one of the stages of sales

It is known that sales include several stages. At the first stage, you need to introduce yourself to the buyer, get to know him. Then you should ask him a few open questions that will allow the client to answer in detail. Based on the responses of a potential buyer, the seller has the opportunity to identify his needs and make a commercial offer.

By collecting information about the client, the seller develops an idea of ​​the scope of his activity. Therefore, such information helps to increase the chances of cooperation with a potential buyer.

Then you need to make a short presentation of the proposed product: talk about its useful properties, quality, reliability, and most importantly, prove the value of the offer for the client. It is very important to learn how to explain to the buyer how this or that property of the product can benefit the client.

The next step is to work with the client's objections. For example, an organization offers a supply of materials for manufacturing to potential customers. One of the objections that a seller will hear when offering a product to a client is: "Your offer is not interesting to us, because we already have a supplier."

Arguments to Help Fight Buyer Objections

The seller must have competitive advantages that will help him stand out in the eyes of the buyer among similar companies. When working with objections, it is necessary to focus the client's attention on them.

When dealing with objections, when the client already has suppliers, it is necessary to use the comparison technique. Emphasis should be placed on the price, quality of the offered goods, terms of delivery, payment and other methods of purchasing the company's goods.

The customer's objection, such as: “We already have suppliers,” should be accompanied by arguments that can convince him. For example, a seller can offer a client an opportunity to save on supplies: “You said that you buy materials for 150 rubles? And we offer the supply of the same materials at a price of 100 rubles per unit. Imagine how much you can save now!"

Thus, one should compare the prices at which the firm purchases materials from suppliers now, analyze them and offer them the same product at a lower cost. The client gets the opportunity to evaluate the benefits that he will receive from cooperation with a new supplier. The best option would also be to provide a visual calculation of the client's benefits in the commercial proposal.

Having identified the needs of the client, you should focus on the terms of delivery that he needs. For example, a buyer shared information that at the moment it is difficult for him to pay the entire bill in full. So, a convenient payment method, for example: deferred payment, purchasing materials on credit or by installments, will become an incentive to purchase.

Delivery terms are also of great importance for the client when deciding on cooperation. It is recommended to set a threshold for the amount of the order at which the goods are delivered to the client free of charge.

You can also interest a potential buyer with an offer for new customers, which includes a discount and favorable conditions. Warranties and additional services should be offered to new customers. For example, the ability to order a trial batch of goods for free.

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