How To Find Suppliers

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How To Find Suppliers
How To Find Suppliers

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It is extremely difficult to build an efficient and profitable business related to the circulation of any goods if there are no reliable suppliers. Establishing long-term business cooperation is possible only with a trusted supplier, which requires considerable resources to find.

How to find suppliers
How to find suppliers

It is necessary

  • - the Internet;
  • - business press;
  • - newsletter about exhibitions;
  • - appeal to the Chamber of Commerce and Industry.


Step 1

Decide what level of suppliers you need. If your business is connected with large wholesale, then it is more profitable for you to work directly with the manufacturer. In this case, you will receive the lowest possible price, you will have the prospect of regional dealership, and you will also be able to resolve any issues and make quality claims. If you plan to purchase goods in small batches or want to purchase a product in an assortment of different brands, it is better to conclude an agreement with an intermediary. In this case, the price will be slightly higher, but you will get rid of many documentation and logistic problems.

Step 2

Monitor suppliers on the Internet and business publications in your city. Explore the corporate website of the company, read information in the press, try to find any information about legal cases related to this company. On topical business forums, you can often find the "black list" heading, where reviews about a particular company are posted. If there are too many negative opinions, you should be wary, even if the rest of the information is positive. Analyze whether your potential supplier cares about his image, how his PR service works. Promotional events, sponsorships, site updates, customer questions are all great sources of additional information.

Step 3

Not all suppliers and manufacturers are active on the Internet. Especially when it comes to small companies or factories. Attend exhibitions in your line of business. Subscribe to the emails of the expo centers, which will inform you in advance about the upcoming event. At the exhibition you will be able to establish direct contacts and get acquainted with the company's products. However, after that, you should still find information about them in open sources.

Step 4

Become a member of your city's Chamber of Commerce. This organization has information even about those companies that you are unlikely to find yourself. In addition, you will be able to participate in seminars and trainings, receive advice on organizing a business.

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