How To Find A Job In Minsk

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How To Find A Job In Minsk
How To Find A Job In Minsk

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The issue of employment is of concern not only to young people, yesterday's graduates, but also to experienced specialists who have decided to change their profession or working conditions. In Minsk, the capital of Belarus, there is a need for good specialists, which is reflected in the number of vacancies in newspapers, websites and databases of employment and employment centers. But it is important to be able to find exactly what you need in this variety of offers.

How to find a job in Minsk
How to find a job in Minsk

It is necessary

Acquaintances, resumes, internet, newspaper ads, addresses of employment centers


Step 1

In order to start looking for a job, you need to decide for yourself what exactly you will be looking for. Identify one or more related positions in which you are able to fulfill yourself. Also determine the salary range that would suit you. If the schedule of work and its location are important to you, take this into account when searching initially. By orienting yourself in these parameters, you will make your search less time-consuming and increase its effectiveness.

Step 2

The old proven way of looking for a job is to get referrals from people you know, with whom your potential employer is in close contact. Talk to your friends: perhaps one of them has just heard about the need for an employee for the desired position. Word of mouth works great, and the word "blat" shouldn't confuse you as long as you meet all the professional requirements.

Step 3

In addition, write a resume and send it to the companies and organizations you are interested in. Indicate in it your level of education, previous jobs, professionally important skills and abilities that you possess. For many employers, it will also be important how well you work with computer software and your level of proficiency in one or more foreign languages.

Step 4

You can contact the employment services of the city of Minsk listed below:

- Main Directorate of Population Employment Policy under the MLSP;

- Minsk City Employment Center;

- Minsk City Employment Center Sector of vocational guidance, as well as to the district employment offices. You can easily find out the phone number and address of the institution you are interested in by calling the city inquiry service 109 or through a request in the Internet search engine.

Step 5

There are several large Internet sites with a catalog of vacancies and resumes that are relevant for Minsk. You can also find them by typing “work in Minsk” in the search bar of your browser. It also makes sense to browse newspapers for free classified ads. Perhaps these are the two most common ways to find a job in Minsk due to their convenience.

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