How To Find A Job

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How To Find A Job
How To Find A Job

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Many unemployed people spend months unsuccessfully looking for a sphere of application of their forces. Their problem is that they approach job search in a chaotic manner, without systematizing their knowledge and actions. And we must act according to a strict plan.

How to find a job
How to find a job


Step 1

Finally, decide what you wanted to do. It is good if you have chosen a demanded profession while still at a technical school or university. It is much more difficult to find an employer who will offer you a vacant position if there is a lot of competition in your profession. In this case, you must first complete the courses in the specialty that is currently in demand. As of the summer of 2011, the most needed professions are considered sales consultants, sales managers, drivers, programmers, accountants and engineers.

Step 2

Create a resume. It should be clearly structured, contain information about your contact information, about the specialties received, about the previous places of work, about your skills and abilities. For some reason, the last two points are not removed the attention that should be paid. But many HR managers first of all pay attention to the resumes of those candidates who are easily trained, communicative, non-conflicting and inclined towards the future. However, it is desirable to have several resume options, each of which should focus on different qualities.

Step 3

Look for work everywhere. The easiest way is to throw a cry among family and friends. Your intercessors know you and imagine if you can work for those to whom they recommend you. And their recommendation will be a powerful argument in your favor. The main problem that you may face is the low motivation of your acquaintances. On the one hand, you can ruin their reputation in case of dishonest performance of duties, on the other hand, no one wants to spend their personal time looking for work for you.

Step 4

Another option is to search for vacancies in a newspaper / online magazine. The advantage of this method is access to a large number of vacancies that are updated very often.

Step 5

The third option for job search is to send your resume by e-mail / fax or bring your resume personally to the company you are interested in. The method is quite effective. The easiest way is to send your resume by email, but there is a chance that your letter will end up in spam.

Step 6

The fourth way is to search through a personnel agency. The disadvantage is that you have to pay for the agency's work and it does not always offer something that suits both you and the employer. Although the agency is definitely better than the state labor exchange.

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