How To Find A Job For Schoolchildren

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How To Find A Job For Schoolchildren
How To Find A Job For Schoolchildren

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Now a lot of schoolchildren want to earn extra money, spend their summer holidays with the benefit of the wallet. Parents can only rejoice at such a desire, however, in the "youthful" labor market, supply often exceeds demand. In addition, there are many dishonest employers who deceive schoolchildren, taking advantage of their legal illiteracy.

How to find a job for schoolchildren
How to find a job for schoolchildren


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As a general rule, a student can work from the age of 15. However, there is a subtlety here - a person over 16 years of age has the right to conclude an employment contract. For a 15-year-old, this must be done by his parents. It is important to remember this, since unscrupulous employers may refuse to conclude an employment contract with a 15-year-old at all - under the pretext that he is not yet entitled to conclude it. The absence of an employment contract can lead to the fact that they simply do not get paid for the work.

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Schoolchildren aged 15-16 can distribute flyers, work as advertisers, street vendors for water and snacks. It is not difficult to get a job like this, but they pay a little for it - a young man or a girl distributing leaflets of a company near the metro can get about 300 rubles per hour for it. Despite its seeming simplicity, this work is quite physically difficult. To get 900 rubles, you have to stand in one place for 3 hours, without sitting down and without leaving anywhere. Most firms control those who distribute their leaflets, and if the "controller" notices that you have left your place, you may not be counted for working hours.

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If you are 16-17 years old, you can be taken as a waiter or cashier at a fast food restaurant. You can also work as a courier or in a call center. Usually active high school students are hired for such positions.

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If you could not find a vacancy from the ones listed above, you should not be surprised, because not every employer wants to hire a minor employee. Labor legislation controls the recruitment of minors stricter. Such vacancies are often claimed on the Internet on sites for freelancers (those who work remotely from home). Often on these sites people are looking for those who can do the simplest job - type handwritten text, rewrite the specified article in your own words, find something on the net, raise the rating of forums … It all depends on what you know how and what you love. Your income also depends on your skills. It is unlikely that they will pay much for reprinting the text, but they can pay very decently for the development of the site.

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