How To Issue A Decision Of The Founder

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How To Issue A Decision Of The Founder
How To Issue A Decision Of The Founder

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Modern Russian legislation provides for the creation of organizations by one founder (Federal Laws No. 14-FZ "On Limited Liability Companies" and No. 208-FZ "On Joint Stock Companies"). Therefore, all decisions on the management of the company, its economic strategy and audit, which are usually made by the general meeting, are made by the founder alone (Article 39 N 14-ФЗ and paragraph 3 of Art. 47 N 208-ФЗ). And these will be decisions, not orders.

How to issue a decision of the founder
How to issue a decision of the founder


Step 1

Registration of decisions of the founder must only be in writing. It has certain conditions for the approval of its legality.

Fill out the official form of the organization, which contains the full name, PSRN, TIN, legal address and contact numbers. Write the decision text, which you will later print on this form.

Step 2

Be sure to indicate the date of the decision, the preparation of the document, indicate its serial number. Although the latter is not necessary, it is encouraged, as it indicates your responsibility in business. Designate your sole foundation.

Step 3

As a rule, decisions begin with a preamble, which indicates the reasoning for its adoption, for example, "Pursuant to the contract …", "According to the law No. …". Then write the word "Solution" in large letters in the center of the form and, indented the line, type its main text. Unlike orders and orders, a decision should not have clauses and subclauses. Only unnumbered paragraphs are allowed.

Step 4

Having outlined the essence of the decision, write the name of the position of the head of the organization (the name of the company does not need to be written, it is indicated on the form), below - the surname, initials in the nominative case. Leave space for the date and signature. Sign the document with your own signature with its transcript. No need to print on the document.

Step 5

Remember that there are certain deadlines for making such decisions, which are regulated by law: 2-4 months after the end of the financial year for LLC, 2-6 months for JSC.

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