How To Issue A State Of Emergency In

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How To Issue A State Of Emergency In
How To Issue A State Of Emergency In

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There is no term "private entrepreneur" in Russian legislation. Instead, the definition of "individual entrepreneur" is used, abbreviated as "IP". Any citizen has the right to register an individual entrepreneur, except for a number of categories for which it is prohibited by law (officials, military, police, etc.), and there is nothing complicated in the registration procedure.

How to issue an emergency
How to issue an emergency

It is necessary

  • - a photocopy of the passport (personal data and registration);
  • - a completed and notarized application for registration of an individual entrepreneur;
  • - money to pay the state duty.


Step 1

The most time-consuming component of the procedure for preparing documents for registration is filling out an application in the prescribed form. Although in most of the items that need to be filled out, there is nothing complicated: personal data, registration address, TIN and so on.

Some difficulties can be caused by the section on OKVED codes, but to fill it out, it is enough to take their reference book and compare the available options with the directions of future business activities.

There is no need to write anything in the sections intended to be filled in by the tax authority or notary.

Do not rush to sign the finished application: it is better to do it in the presence of a notary, who must certify it.

Step 2

You will also need to pay the state fee for registration of an individual entrepreneur. You can take the requisites at the tax office and the Sberbank branch. In the same place, specify the amount of payment: duties tend to change periodically.

Step 3

Do not forget to make a photocopy of your passport: pages with personal data and with a stamp of registration at the place of residence.

Foreigners must photocopy a notarized translation of their passport and a temporary residence permit in the Russian Federation or a residence permit (as a rule, they have a stamp on one of the pages of the passport). Minors, in addition to a copy of a passport (from 14 years old) or a birth certificate, must provide a notarized parental permission to conduct business.

Step 4

Staple all documents with a stapler or needle and thread. Place a small rectangular piece of paper over the bonding area. On it, on the back of the package, write the date and number of sheets and sign.

The documents are ready for submission to the tax office.

If the employees of the inspection have no comments, they will accept the documents and within five days will have to issue you a ready-made certificate of registration of the individual entrepreneur.

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