How To Apply For An Employee In

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How To Apply For An Employee In
How To Apply For An Employee In

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In the text of article 20 of the Labor Code of the Russian Federation, an employee is a person who will perform some kind of work. Based on this article, any employee can be considered hired. The employer, regardless of the legal form of ownership, is obliged to conclude labor relations with each hired employee, adhering to the regulations of the labor legislation of the Russian Federation on hiring, formalizing labor relations, paying the appropriate contributions, maintaining accounting documents, work books and accounts on them. And also on the provision of paid vacations for at least 28 calendar days, payment of remuneration for labor, etc.

How to register an employee
How to register an employee

It is necessary

  • -statement
  • -employment history
  • -education document
  • -certificate of admission to the mechanisms
  • -other documents, depending on the individual specifics of the work
  • - fixed-term or unlimited employment contract
  • - order of the form No. T-6
  • -enrollment in the work book
  • - entry into a personal card
  • -recording in the accounting documents for the conduct of all cases


Step 1

In accordance with the instructions of the Labor Code of the Russian Federation, any employee must receive a written application for employment. He must also submit a list of necessary documents, which include: work book, education certificate, certificate of admission to certain mechanisms and all additional documents that are needed under special conditions of work.

Step 2

If an employee does not have a work book, the employer is obliged to issue a new one upon a written application from the applicant. The work book may not be presented by persons who are issued part-time.

Step 3

After receiving all the documents, the employer acquaints the employee with all the legal acts of the enterprise, official duties, and only after that a bilateral contract on labor relations is concluded. The contract must indicate all working conditions, the procedure for payment and remuneration, working hours, position, number of the structural unit and the full name of the enterprise. An important part of an employment contract is the definition of the contract itself. It can be indefinite, urgent, part-time. If the contract is urgent, it indicates the date of the beginning of the employment relationship and the date of its end. In all other contracts, only the date of the beginning of the relationship is put down.

Step 4

In the employment contract, you can indicate the presence of a probationary period. It can last no more than three months. During the probationary period, the relationship can be terminated at any time on the initiative of the employer or on the initiative of an employee. Moreover, the employer can do this without warning in advance, and the employee, warning the employer three days before the end of the employment relationship.

Step 5

After signing the contract by both parties, the employer issues an order of the unified form No. T-6.

Step 6

Information about the work is entered in the work book and the personal card of the employee.

Step 7

If a hired worker is invited by a private person without legal forms of ownership, a written contract is drawn up in two copies, which must be registered with the local municipality. This will be a warning to local authorities about the use of mercenary forces for personal gain.

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