How To Apply For A Half-time Employee

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How To Apply For A Half-time Employee
How To Apply For A Half-time Employee

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Part-time work is a good source of additional income for an employee and an excellent opportunity to reduce costs for an employer. It is very simple to correctly arrange a part-time employee: hours of work and the amount of remuneration are prescribed in a separate employment contract.

How to apply for a half-time employee
How to apply for a half-time employee

It is necessary

Labor Code of the Russian Federation, employee's personal statement, employee's passport


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Part-time registration is a frequent case in the practice of personnel officers. When hiring an employee on such conditions, the HR officer needs to remember some points: part-time work involves part-time or part-time work, and payment is made in proportion to the hours worked.

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In addition, an employee has the right to be simultaneously employed part-time by several employers at once. To register a part-time employee, you must obtain the following documents from him: a passport and a personal statement to the personnel department.

Step 3

In an employment contract with an employee, drawn up on a part-time basis, the working time and rest time must be prescribed (usually a 20-hour working week with weekends on Saturday and Sunday) and the amount of payment at 50% of the regular salary for this position.

Step 4

The social guarantees for a part-time employee remain the same as for the main employees: sick pay, leave after 6 months worked, provided for by the job description of the bonus.

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Part-time employment is a good way of employment for those who, due to personal circumstances, cannot afford full employment: pregnant and lactating women, parents or guardians of disabled children, retirees, etc. In addition, part-time work is in demand for "seasonal" or temporary jobs: for example, an assistant financier or accountant during reporting periods, personal assistants, nannies, and housekeepers.

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