How To Make A Commercial Offer

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How To Make A Commercial Offer
How To Make A Commercial Offer

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The market of buyers and sellers today is unthinkable without business letters and advertising messages. Among them, the commercial offer is one of the most demanded and effective. Competently composed, this type of letter efficiently fulfills its main function - it promotes the sale of a product or service.

How to make a commercial offer
How to make a commercial offer


Step 1

Commercial offers have two subtypes: advertising and informational (offered to “impersonal” market participants) and personalized (addressed to specific persons). The main purpose of an advertising and informational commercial offer is to attract the attention of the buyer to a product or service, to arouse interest in them. In such a letter, it is important to take into account the target audience: the writing style, and its “emotional component”, and the level of argumentation depend on it. It's one thing when the addressees are businessmen or technical specialists, and it's another thing when retirees or students.

Step 2

Consider a plan for your upcoming sales letter.

Its main "skeleton" is as follows: • Attractive title;

• The essence of the product or service (define your competitive advantages and serve them “tasty”);

• Terms of ordering and payment, validity of your offer.

Step 3

Provide specific data: for example, statistics that illustrate the "advantages" of your product or service; brief expert opinions; Buyer ratings - Most importantly, show the benefits to the customer that they will receive if they become the owner of the advertised product. When doing this, avoid superlatives. Do not forget about the style of presentation: it should be simple and concise. Liven up the language with vivid comparisons, metaphors - so that an attractive picture appears in the imagination of a potential buyer. Don't overuse technical terms. Avoid repeating words.

Step 4

If the text is quite lengthy, divide it into parts and head each one. Paragraphs should be a maximum of seven lines. “By the edge effect” (the best memorability of the endings), it is advisable to repeat the essence of the sentence again at the end of the letter. For greater persuasiveness and readability of the text, arrange it with diagrams, tables, graphs. Remember, the bulleted list is easier to read when listing. Highlight important points with a pin (bold or italic). It is preferable to write a letter on one page.

Step 5

The personalized commercial offer has some peculiarities. For example, it necessarily indicates the name of the recipient (with an indication of the position). If before writing the commercial proposal there was no personal meeting, try to find out as much as possible about the recipient company, its corporate culture and the person who will receive your letter. This will help you to choose the appropriate style of the message.

Step 6

Divide this letter into an introduction, a main part and a conclusion. In the introduction, briefly state the reason that led to the submission of the proposal. Here, such "accents" will be useful: market analysis, description of the current situation of the client and the possibilities of your product in improving this situation. After that, give a brief information about your company (with reference to several key customers-buyers). In the main part, show the benefits of purchasing your product and only then describe it in detail. Discuss the details of the transaction in more detail: prices, terms and conditions of fulfillment of obligations, options for individual discounts, etc. In conclusion, tell us what needs to be done to the buyer if he gives a positive answer to your offer.

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