How To Write A Promotional Offer

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How To Write A Promotional Offer
How To Write A Promotional Offer
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The success of the sale of goods or services largely depends on how correctly the advertising proposal is written. Competent presentation of information helps to speed up the transaction and the signing of the contract.

How to write a promotional offer
How to write a promotional offer


Step 1

Write your advertising proposal on the official letterhead of the company. At the top of the page there should be a "header" with the organization's logo, name, phone numbers and addresses. This will give the client the impression that he is dealing with a reputable company.

Step 2

Try to write personalized promotional offers. In advance, check with the addressees to whose name you can send the letter. For example, in the name of the director or head of the marketing and advertising department. Your letter should be addressed to a specific person, and not look like a spam mailing. Offers without specifying the addressee more often remain unread and end up in the trash can.

Step 3

The offer shouldn't be too long. It is not necessary to specify in it in detail what your organization is doing. If you need to advertise a new product, do not mention in the letter that besides this, your company is also ready to repair office equipment or train staff to play the guitar. The sentence should be short and clear.

Step 4

A promotional offer with prices for services will help speed up the transaction. Your potential client reads the letter, is interested in a product or service, and, of course, he is interested in the cost in order to compare with similar products or analyze whether he can afford such costs.

Step 5

It is desirable that the main text of the advertising proposal fit on one page and be written in large readable type. For example, a 14 point Times New Roman font would work well. At the bottom of the page, be sure to write your name, position and personal contacts (work and cell phone numbers, address indicating the office number, email address), by which the client can contact you and get additional information.

Step 6

If there is a need to add product photos or a detailed work plan for the service that you offer in an advertising proposal, it is better to make it a separate attachment to the letter.

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