How To Register A Labor Veteran

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How To Register A Labor Veteran
How To Register A Labor Veteran

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The honorary title "Veteran of Labor" guarantees the provision of special benefits. To obtain a veteran's certificate, you need to contact the social protection authorities at your place of residence.

How to register a labor veteran
How to register a labor veteran

It is necessary

  • - passport of a citizen of the Russian Federation
  • - work record book and its full photocopy
  • - certificate of general work experience (from the Pension Fund)
  • - photo 3X4
  • - if you have been awarded medals, orders, insignia, as well as if you were awarded the title of "Honored teacher", "Honorary power engineer", "High-class specialist" or similar, you must provide supporting documents and / or their photocopies
  • - if you started working during the Great Patriotic War of 1941-1945, without reaching the age of majority, prepare documents confirming this (archival certificate)


Step 1

Complete the Veteran of Labor application. The application will need to list the documents confirming your eligibility for this title. The application form can be obtained from the territorial bodies of social protection.

Step 2

Submit the collected documents along with your application to the social protection authorities. It is not necessary to leave the originals of the documents - it is enough to hand over their photocopies, showing the original to the receiving person. After the documents are accepted, you will be assigned a date for your next visit. In different regions of Russia, the processing time can last from 1 to 15 days.

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