How To Write An Explanatory Note On Trauma

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How To Write An Explanatory Note On Trauma
How To Write An Explanatory Note On Trauma

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Unfortunately, no one is insured against injury at home or at work. But there is a big difference between an occupational injury and a personal injury. An occupational injury is regarded as an accident, which involves the Social Insurance Fund (FSS) and the labor inspectorate. In this case, the victim is charged not only the money due on the sick leave, but also additional payments.

How to write an explanatory note on trauma
How to write an explanatory note on trauma


Step 1

In order to prove that your injury is not an accident at work, but is of a household nature, the accounting department of the enterprise is obliged to submit to the FSS along with a certificate of incapacity for work and your explanatory letter, in which you must describe how your injury was received.

Step 2

The basis for this kind of requirements is Federal Law No. 255-FZ, which regulates the provision of benefits for temporary disability, as well as for pregnancy and childbirth of those citizens who are subject to compulsory health insurance. On the basis of your explanatory commission, created at the enterprise in accordance with the "Model Regulations on the Commission (Commissioner) for Social Insurance" approved by the FSS on July 15, 1994 No. 556a, will draw up an act confirming that the injury is household and will also submit it to the FSS along with the entire package of documents …

Step 3

An explanatory one is necessary, since, according to Federal Law No. 255, the benefit is not paid to those citizens who intentionally harmed themselves, attempted suicide, or as a result of deliberate misconduct (crime). Legally, your Explanatory Statement is a document confirming the absence of the above reasons for non-payment of benefits.

Step 4

The explanatory letter is written in the name of the chief accountant of the enterprise on a standard A4 sheet of writing paper. In the upper right corner, indicate the position, surname and initials of your chief accountant, give the full name of the company. Also include your position, your last name and initials. Under this inscription, in the middle of the sheet, write the word "Explanatory" with a capital letter.

Step 5

The form of presentation of the main explanatory text is arbitrary, but it must clearly and clearly reflect all the circumstances surrounding your injury. Indicate where, when and at what time it happened, and how. If there are witnesses, then refer to them.

Step 6

In the last paragraph, indicate which medical institution you went to after being injured, the name of the medical organization in which you were given the sick leave and the period of treatment indicated in it.

Step 7

Indicate that the original sick leave is attached to the explanatory note. Sign an explanatory note with an indication of your position and a transcript of the signature, be sure to indicate the date.

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