Accountant's Resume: How To Write It Competently

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Accountant's Resume: How To Write It Competently
Accountant's Resume: How To Write It Competently

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The position of the chief accountant is the second most important position in the company after its director. This place assumes a high degree of responsibility, experience and special education. It is advisable that you go through the traditional path from an ordinary accountant to a senior or chief, and you have specialized refresher courses on your asset.

Accountant's resume: how to write it competently
Accountant's resume: how to write it competently


Step 1

Before writing your resume, review the recommendations of recruiting agency managers on how to write a successful resume. The general rules for its registration and requirements for the content are quite applicable to the resume for the position of chief accountant. Try to provide the information that will be of interest to the employer as fully as possible, and keep within small volumes. Express it in simple, accessible language. To make the text easier to read, structure it and present it according to thematic sections.

Step 2

In the first part, give all the personal information about yourself: last name, first name and patronymic, year and place of birth, place of permanent residence, citizenship, contact numbers and e-mail address. Please note that an email address such as: kisyla, stervochka can scare off a potential employer with its frivolity.

Step 3

Provide a list of special educational institutions and professional development courses. If you have completed courses in the study of any foreign language, you can write about them. Be sure to indicate the year of completion of the courses and the organization that conducted them.

Step 4

List information about existing professional experience in reverse order, starting with the last place of work, indicating the positions you held in them. List what was your responsibility, what part of the accounting work you were responsible for, and how many people worked under your authority. List special and office software products that you own in full.

Step 5

Indicate your salary expectations. Pre-familiarize yourself with those who indicate in their resumes posted on the Internet, job seekers and employers, take the average figure. You can always adjust it if your work is completely satisfactory to the employer.

Step 6

Reread the text of the resume, correct stylistic and semantic inaccuracies, grammatical errors. Format the text, install an easy-to-read and readable font. In the subject line, include your name and the position you are applying for.

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