How To Restore A Passport Without Registration

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How To Restore A Passport Without Registration
How To Restore A Passport Without Registration

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A lost or stolen passport is not the worst thing in life. But very often citizens of the Russian Federation lose their main document, being in another city or not having a residence permit, and then they face a number of problems.

How to restore a passport without registration
How to restore a passport without registration

It is necessary

  • - birth certificate;
  • - two black and white or color photographs;
  • - documents confirming belonging to the citizenship of the Russian Federation (if confirmation of citizenship is required);
  • - a receipt for payment of the state duty.


Step 1

Within 30 days from the date of losing your passport, contact the Federal Migration Service with an application for passport restoration, which can be completed by hand or on a computer. In it, indicate the address of the last registration and the date of its registration, as well as the reason for the restoration of the passport. If you cannot fill it out on your own, an employee of the FMS department who has accepted the documents will help you. He will also certify your signature.

Step 2

When stealing a passport, be sure to send a similar statement to the local internal affairs bodies of the Russian Federation and provide the police with information about the incident. Be sure to indicate the place, time of the theft and other circumstances necessary in the case. The information provided by you will be checked against the databases of operational reference and search records.

Step 3

Employees of the passport office of the police department to which you applied with the application will have to make a request to the district police department of the city in which you have a permanent registration in order to obtain all information about you.

Step 4

A temporary identity card will be issued to you by the FMS department on the day all documents are received from you. To do this, you will need another photo and a receipt for the payment of the amount for the identity form.

Step 5

Take the account details at the FMS department and pay the state duty at Sberbank. The restoration of the passport will be carried out within two months from the date of receipt of all documents.

Step 6

Remember that a citizen can appeal against the action or inaction of authorized persons both in pre-trial and in court. The refusal of the bodies of the Federal Migration Service to restore a passport is illegal and contrary to the Constitution of the Russian Federation.

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