How To Get A Passport Without Registration

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How To Get A Passport Without Registration
How To Get A Passport Without Registration

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It is very often necessary to obtain a passport for persons without a permanent residence permit. Of course, the application process is somewhat different from the usual procedure. However, this manipulation is not a big deal and effort if certain requirements are met.

How to get a passport without registration
How to get a passport without registration

It is necessary

  • - passport or birth certificate $
  • - documents on permanent or temporary registration $
  • - photos.


Step 1

An application for a passport begins with the provision of the required package of documents. The list of required documents is indicated directly with the registration authorities. These include, first of all, a passport (or a birth certificate for persons under the age of fourteen), a document on temporary registration on the territory of a subject of the state, a military ID (for persons under 27 years old), a certificate of release from places of detention (for persons who have served punishment in places of deprivation of liberty).

Step 2

Finished documents must be submitted to the appropriate department of the FMS and fill out a standard questionnaire. The questionnaire is filled out accurately and competently. All information and dates are copied from documents and references. After filling out the application for obtaining a passport, you should put stamps from the last place of work or study. Also, the head of the enterprise or the dean of the educational institution must put his signature to approve the above information.

Step 3

The completed questionnaire, after adding the seal and signature, is returned to the FMS department with the attached documents for consideration and further approval or rejection of the application. Upon approval of the application, a period of time is determined after which it will be possible to receive a finished passport. As a rule, the term of receipt in this case is about four months.

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