How To Restore The Registration Certificate

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How To Restore The Registration Certificate
How To Restore The Registration Certificate

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According to Russian law, ownership of real estate must be registered with Rosreestr. In any transaction with housing, the owner is required to confirm his ownership of the property with a document issued by the regional Federal Reserve. However, until 1998, the title deeds for housing were issued by the city's Department of Housing Policy. If the certificate of registration of the right to property is lost, its owner cannot fully dispose of his property. To restore a lost certificate, you must contact the Fed or the city department.

How to restore the registration certificate
How to restore the registration certificate


Step 1

If you had ownership of real estate before 1998, then to restore the lost original, write a corresponding statement to the city department of housing policy. Provide the address of your property and your passport details for searching in archival documents. Within a month, you will be given a duplicate of the registration certificate.

Step 2

If the apartment was registered as your property after 1998, then to obtain a duplicate of the title deed, contact your district Federal Reserve Office.

Step 3

Pay the state fee for the restoration of the lost certificate. Its size for an individual is 100 rubles, for a legal entity - 300 rubles. Take the details for payment at your regional office of the Federal Reserve System.

Step 4

Submit your paid receipt and a copy to the Fed. Write an application for the issuance of a repeated certificate of registration of your property. When contacting the FRS, it is necessary to have your identity document (passport).

Step 5

Within a month, the re-registration certificate for your property will be ready. Take it from the Fed.

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