How To Restore Your Pension Insurance Certificate

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How To Restore Your Pension Insurance Certificate
How To Restore Your Pension Insurance Certificate

The insurance number of the individual personal account (SNILS), indicated on the pension insurance certificate card, is provided to each Russian once and for all. But the card itself can be lost. If this trouble happened to you, restore the certificate - the Pension Fund of Russia will issue a duplicate for you completely free of charge within a month. And you will need to apply to the employer or personally to the local branch of the Pension Fund of Russia with a statement about the loss of the certificate.

How to restore your pension insurance certificate
How to restore your pension insurance certificate

It is necessary

  • - passport;
  • - SNILS number.


Step 1

Report the loss of your pension insurance certificate to your official employer. This must be done within a month from the date of loss of the document. In order for you to be able to get a duplicate, it is the employer who will have to send an application form ADV-3 to the Pension Fund of Russia. In the application, it is imperative to indicate the SNILS number - this data, in theory, should remain in your HR department. If your SNILS has not been preserved from your employer for some reason, you will need to request it from the Pension Fund.

In practice, employees of the personnel department often solve this problem by sending to the FIU applications of the ADV-1 form - about the initial issuance of a permanent pension certificate. The FIU, of course, refuses to issue a new document, referring at the same time to the SNILS number, which has already been assigned to the citizen - an employee of the personnel department can only enter this number in the ADV-3 form.

Step 2

Sign the application form ADV-3, which was drawn up by your employer (HR department), or fill it out personally from beginning to end in capital block letters - it is better to use a computer - in strict accordance with the requirements of adv-3. Wait about a month for the employer to submit the application to the regional office of the FIU, receive a duplicate from there and issue it to you.

Step 3

Please note that according to Federal Law No. 27-FZ, it is the policyholder (that is, the employer) who must deal with the restoration of the pension certificate card, but only if he can provide to the Pension Fund information about the insured person (that is, about you). But if you are just getting a job, the employer will not be able to provide such information - he himself does not know them yet.

In practice, it is because of this that many misunderstandings occur - PFR employees refuse to accept applications from citizens, demanding that the ADV-3 form be filled out by the employer, and the employer refuses to fill out the form due to the lack of SNILS. Keep in mind that the absence of a pension insurance certificate card cannot be a reason for refusal to apply for a job.

Step 4

Contact the territorial branch of the FIU in person to restore the certificate yourself. Take your passport with you. Fill out the application form ADV-3 and wait a month for the card to be renewed. In some departments, duplicate pension certificates are issued right at the time of application.

Some branches of the PFR also require the presentation of a work book, interpreting the wording of Law No. 27 FZ (Article 7) in a peculiar way that they have the right to demand additional information about the identity of a citizen and the state of his personal account. However, in fact, a work book is not a document providing such information. If, due to the lack of a work book, you were denied the restoration of the pension certificate card, apply in writing to the head of the regional representative office of the Pension Fund of Russia, so that he also explains in writing the reasons for the refusal. Please contact your higher authorities with this explanation.

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