Where To Get A Pension Insurance Certificate

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Where To Get A Pension Insurance Certificate
Where To Get A Pension Insurance Certificate

Video: Where To Get A Pension Insurance Certificate

Video: Where To Get A Pension Insurance Certificate
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A pension insurance certificate is a kind of confirmation that you are registered in the compulsory pension insurance system (GPI). It will not be difficult to receive the card.

Where to get a pension insurance certificate
Where to get a pension insurance certificate

According to Federal Law No. 27-FZ of April 01, 1996 "On individual (personified) accounting in the mandatory pension insurance system", every citizen of the Russian Federation must receive a pension insurance certificate as confirmation of the right to receive a pension. Now the Pension Fund of Russia is registering citizens of the Russian Federation, regardless of age. The insurance certificate is issued indefinitely.

The document itself (green plastic card) contains the following data of the holder:

- SNILS (insurance number of an individual personal account);

- FULL NAME. owner;

- place and date of birth;

- gender;

- the date of registration in the Pension Fund system (may differ from the actual date of receipt of the certificate).

How to get a pension insurance certificate

To obtain a certificate, you only need an identity document (Passport of a citizen of the Russian Federation) and an application completed at the Pension Fund office or through the Unified Portal of Public Services. To issue a card to persons under the age of 14, in addition to a birth certificate, a passport of one of the parents will be required.

The easiest way to get a pension certificate is to contact the HR department at your place of work. You will need to fill out an application, and the finished card will arrive in 10 days to the address of your organization. If you are unemployed, but you still pay pension contributions, in order to obtain the desired document, contact the nearest branch of the Pension Fund of Russia.

What to do in case of loss of pension insurance certificate?

It is also not difficult to restore the document. If you lose your certificate, write a formal statement to the name of the head of your organization. Again, if you do not have a job, contact the PF branch, but additional information may be required from you to confirm the accuracy of the information already available in the database. It usually takes 25-30 days to recover a lost retirement insurance certificate.

How to replace a pension insurance certificate?

Changes in the Pension Fund database are made within two weeks after the application is submitted. The citizen receives a new insurance certificate with the same individual personal account number, but with updated data. Basically, in order to replace the card, the FIU is contacted when the name is changed.

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