How To Change Insurance Pension Certificate

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How To Change Insurance Pension Certificate
How To Change Insurance Pension Certificate
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The insurance number of an individual personal account - SNILS - is required to transfer insurance premiums, which will directly affect the amount of your pension. Let's say that you have already been assigned SNILS and issued an insurance pension certificate. But now the circumstances have changed and you, for example, have changed your surname. Now you need to change your pension certificate so that the name in the document matches reality.

How to change insurance pension certificate
How to change insurance pension certificate


Step 1

Let's start with the fact that the SNILS once assigned to you is a unique number and belongs to you, not the surname of the person, but the totality of the data entered into your questionnaire. That is why replacing SNILS in this situation means nothing more than making an adjustment to your personal data in the Pension Fund database.

Step 2

Take your passport. Prepare photocopies of documents on the change of surname: a marriage certificate, a certificate of divorce, in general, any document that certifies the fact that you have changed your surname. Don't forget to bring the original documents as well. With the full package, go to the Pension Fund to see a specialist who works with individuals on general issues. As part of the admission, you will be asked to fill out an appropriate application for the exchange of insurance certificate on a standard form. Here also indicate the reason why you decided to exchange this document. A sample application can be found at the Pension Fund.

Step 3

After that, you give the specialist an application, an old insurance certificate (green, rectangular, laminated card), as well as a document on the change of surname. The information provided will be checked on the bases of the Pension Fund, after which changes will be made to your personal SNILS card. You will receive an updated certificate (with the old SNILS number, but new data) within a day.

Step 4

For people working it will be easier to contact the employer's HR department with a request for replacement. The procedure will remain the same, but you will only participate in it at the stage of drawing up the application. Further work remains with the HR department. Prepare to give your testimony right away. The term for obtaining a new certificate will take longer in this case, since legal entities visit the Pension Fund, especially on general issues, on fixed days.

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