How To Recover A Passport In Another City

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How To Recover A Passport In Another City
How To Recover A Passport In Another City

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The situation of the notorious Zhenya Lukashin, who found himself in a strange city and someone else's apartment, does not seem so terrible in comparison with the situation of a person who finds himself in a strange city without a passport. For whatever reason the loss of a passport occurs - due to your own absent-mindedness and inattention, or someone's malicious intent - this does not diminish the problems. But despair is not worth it. In whatever city of the Russian Federation you are, you can always restore your most important document.

How to recover a passport in another city
How to recover a passport in another city

It is necessary

application for the issuance (replacement) of a passport in the form of 1P, a receipt for payment of the state duty, an application for the loss of a passport, a coupon notification of the registration of the incident, 4 photos


Step 1

Contact the nearest police station. Briefly and clearly state the details of the loss of the document. Write an appropriate statement. It should be borne in mind that if you are reporting the theft of your passport, the proceedings can take several months. If you report a loss, the fact-check will take two to four weeks.

Step 2

Receive a notification slip confirming your appeal to the police.

Step 3

Contact the nearest passport office. Get a temporary ID there. You have the right to get this certificate at any passport office in the city, but it will be much easier to get it at the place of temporary registration. To establish your identity, the passport office you applied to will remotely contact the services of your city.

Step 4

Request an extract from the housing stock registration card from the place of your permanent registration. Based on a temporary ID, the passport office will remotely request and receive this information.

Step 5

Pay the penalty for losing your passport at the nearest bank.

Step 6

Take a photo. You will need four photographs 35x45 mm.

Step 7

Prepare a standard set of documents for obtaining a passport.

Step 8

Wait for confirmation of the end of the check on the fact of the loss of your passport.

Step 9

Collect all the papers you received in a folder and contact the department of internal affairs of the Russian Federation with an application for a new passport.

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