How To Check Out Of An Apartment While In Another City

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How To Check Out Of An Apartment While In Another City
How To Check Out Of An Apartment While In Another City

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You are registered in one city, you live in another. This situation is quite common these days. But what if you decide to sell the apartment in which you are registered - or you decide to permanently register in the city where you actually live? There are several ways to check out from an apartment while in another city.

How to check out of an apartment while in another city
How to check out of an apartment while in another city


Step 1

Extract with simultaneous registration through the passport office

If you need to remotely check out of an apartment in order to register in another, there should be no big problems. You can simply submit your passport for registration at the passport office at your new place of permanent residence. Since, according to the law, permanent registration at the place of residence is possible only in one place, you automatically lose the right to register at the old address. In this case, the FMS employees will independently send a request to extract you from the apartment where you were registered earlier - regardless of which city of the country it is located in.

Step 2

The only, but very significant disadvantage of an extract in this way is that the procedure for discharge and registration in this case will take quite a long time (up to two months), since the passport office employees will send a request for your statement by mail, wait for an answer - and only after that they will put down all the necessary marks. All this time, the passport will be at the passport office, and you will be issued a certificate-receipt confirming that the documents have been handed over. If the apartment is being sold at the old address and the buyer needs guarantees that all tenants have voluntarily deregistered - a scanned copy of the receipt can be used as confirmation that the checkout procedure has already been "started".

Step 3

According to the law, no documents are required for remote checkout, except for a handwritten statement. However, at the passport office you may be asked for the postal address and index of the FMS branch at your old place of residence, as well as two envelopes with stamps for sending applications. It is better to clarify this in advance by calling the passport office.

Step 4

Extract with simultaneous registration through the State Services portal

If you intend to register at a new place of residence at the same time as checking out from an apartment in another city, but are not ready to part with your passport for two months, you can “re-register” the State Services portal ( To do this, in the section "Passports, registration, visas" you need to fill out an application for registration at a new address and a simultaneous extract from the old one. Within three days, you will receive an invitation at the appointed time to appear before the FMS inspector to carry out the procedure. In this case, the stamps for the statement and registration will be put into your passport immediately, on the same day, with today's date. Your application will be forwarded to the old place of registration again without your participation.

Step 5

The disadvantage of this method is that the notification of the passport office at the old place of residence may be delayed. If the letter with your statement of discharge did not reach the addressee or "got lost" in the stream of papers - despite the fact that passports are stamped, you may be listed among those registered at the old address for several months. Therefore, it is better to control the process - in a couple of weeks after discharge, make a long-distance call to the FMS and find out whether they received a notice that you were deregistered. If this did not happen, it is better to call the inspector who issued your statement and clarify the date of sending the documents and the estimated time frame for completing the procedure.

Step 6

Remote statement without registration

If you do not plan to issue permanent registration in the city in which you live, the discharge process is seriously complicated.The law does not provide for an extract “to nowhere” at the place of actual stay, and you can only check out without a new registration in the FMS where your apartment is located. In this case, you can try to sign out by power of attorney.

Step 7

Since you can only be discharged from the apartment by your personal application, you will need to personally draw up an application not to deregister you and notarize it, as well as issue a notarized power of attorney in the name of the person who will deal with the procedure for leaving the apartment for you. In addition to the documents mentioned, you will have to hand over your passport to the authorized person, since it is there that a mark will be put on the deregistration.

Step 8

Despite the fact that, according to the law, an extract from an apartment by proxy is not expressly prohibited, there are no documents regulating this procedure either. And some passport offices (especially in big cities) refuse to do this. Therefore, before issuing a notarized statement and a power of attorney, it is better to call the FMS authorities at your place of registration and clarify whether they can discharge you "remotely". In case of refusal, you can try to challenge it with higher authorities, but this process may be delayed. Therefore, in this case (especially if the statement is related to the need to sell an apartment), the easiest and fastest way may still be a trip to the city where you are registered and a personal visit to the passport office or the MFC at the place of registration.

Step 9

Check out the apartment from abroad

If you permanently reside abroad, then in order to be discharged from an apartment in Russia, you need to contact the Russian consulate and fill out an application for deregistration there. To complete the application, you will need to present a valid Russian passport with a residence permit stamp and documents confirming the fact of your permanent residence abroad. The deregistration procedure can be carried out directly through the consulate (for a fee) or by power of attorney. In this case, the consulate draws up and certifies not only the statement of discharge, but also the power of attorney for the person who will represent you at the passport office. The passport office has no right to refuse an extract by power of attorney in the presence of documents certified by the Russian consulate.

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