How To Recover An Adult Birth Certificate In Another City

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How To Recover An Adult Birth Certificate In Another City
How To Recover An Adult Birth Certificate In Another City

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Are there any typos, mistakes in the passport ?! Did you need to provide a birth certificate, and did your child or you yourself accidentally spoil it? Or just can't find it among your papers because you recently moved? or just lost it? no problem! our simple instruction on how to restore a birth certificate will help you and show that there are no unsolvable questions

How to recover an adult birth certificate in another city
How to recover an adult birth certificate in another city

The importance of a birth certificate as a citizen's document

A birth certificate is the first document that a newly born person receives.

It contains unique information: about the name of a person, his birthday, as well as the data of his parents - first names, patronymics of the last name. Fourteen years later, a young citizen receives another document proving his identity, namely a citizen's passport. But despite this, the birth certificate is a document of the "mandatory preservation" regime, the need to provide which arises throughout life and in serious cases.

There are many situations in our life when this document is indispensable. Here are some examples of legally significant actions that will require this document:

- correction of errors, typos in the writing of your personal data in valid identity documents;

- replacement of documents requires identification, and, accordingly, the presentation of this certificate;

- entering into inheritance - in order to accomplish this, there is a need to confirm consanguinity. Moreover, this document is important, including in the second and third order of calling for inheritance;

- registration of a donation transaction, because when it is made between close relatives, there are no obligations to pay tax;

- in the process of applying for pensions, other types of benefits. In this case, we are talking about certificates of birth of children, even already adults, since the time spent on parental leave is included in the total length of service; - with participation in international legal relations, such as marriage abroad, inheritance and other cases.

A birth certificate is required, but there is no way

A citizen has an urgent need to present a birth certificate, but it is not available or, for some reason, is not accepted. There is an exit! You need to get a duplicate! In common parlance, they say - to restore documents. But our legislation does not provide for such a concept as "restoration of a document", because the competent authorities are not magicians, but provide the right to receive a document again.

According to the current federal law "On acts of civil status", it is necessary to apply to the body where the birth of a citizen was registered, as a rule, this is the registry office at the place of birth of a citizen, for the issuance of a repeated certificate with a written statement and a receipt of paid state fees in the following cases:

- the certificate is spoiled - extra entries have been made, any personal marks or otherwise;

- it is not possible to find the evidence;

- the certificate was laminated;

- the testimony is dilapidated and can crumble right in the hands;

- data cannot be read into documents

- the seal affixed in it is unreadable for any reason

- other cases when the document cannot be used.

How to get a re-testimony if you do not live where you were born

When the person where he was born came in handy there, everything is extremely simple. He turned to the registry office, where his parents received a certificate of his birth. And on the same day, the next day as much as possible, I received a second certificate in my hands.

But many of us cannot sit still during our lives, moving to other cities, and sometimes countries. And here's a simple enough instruction to get a second certificate.

Step one. Decide on the method of obtaining

There are three ways to obtain a new birth certificate:

- personally, the citizen himself to go to his hometown;

- through a representative. Any person, including a relative, can be your representative, but his powers must be secured in a power of attorney, notarized. He comes to your place of birth and receives a second testimony;

- sending a written request: either 1) by registered mail with a notification or by a valuable letter with a list of attachments; or 2) through an information and telecommunication network (more simply - a single portal of state services). If you do not want to yourself or do not want to bother, applying for such a service at the Multifunctional Center (MFC) will help resolve the issue of submitting a written request.

Step two. Fill out an application

The application can be independently found on the Internet, printed and filled out. It is possible to go to any registry office, since there are enough of them in every city, ask for an application form or take it in a public access place and fill it out, not forgetting to sign.

When submitted through a single portal of state or municipal services, the application is filled out by a citizen in electronic form with his simple electronic signature.

When contacting the MFC for such a public service, all fillings by a citizen are made in the presence of an employee.

If you decide that your representative will do this, then so be it. The main thing is that all powers of attorney are correctly indicated in the notarized power of attorney.

Step three. Pay a state fee in the amount of 350 rubles and attach a confirmation receipt or check to the application

You can pay the state duty in any convenient way: either through the branches of the Sberbank of the Russian Federation, or through services that accept this type of payment, or through electronic services. Regardless of the system for accepting and making payments, a receipt or other document confirming the fact of payment of the corresponding state fee is required.

1. When applying personally or through a representative, a repeated certificate is issued on the day of contacting the appropriate authority. In this case, the time to reach the destination is not taken into account.

2. With a written application, including electronically, and through the MFC, the repeated certificate is sent to the registry office at the place of residence or stay of the person who sent the request and who is entitled to receive this certificate. In this case, it is necessary to take into account: when sending by mail - the travel time of the correspondence, the preparation of the document and its receipt at the appropriate department of the registry office at the place of residence, including the notification of the person who sent the request. On average, at least three weeks. And in case of electronic contact, including the MFC - the time for processing the request and preparing the document, including sending it to the place of receipt. At the request of the citizen, a repeated certificate can be obtained at the MFC, in which the documents were submitted. On average, it takes at least two and a half weeks.

to apply for the issuance of a repeated certificate, it is necessary to present an identity document. This confirms your right to receive a re-certification. A copy of this document is attached to the written request. If, however, a representative applies, then in addition to your package of documents (application, a copy of an identity document, a receipt for payment of a state fee), he must also provide his documents confirming his powers - a notarized power of attorney and passport. The same documents will be needed when receiving a repeated certificate, regardless of the place where it was received.

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